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Pouya Pharmed Pham

Phamcomd Medical Engineering Group was first established in 2003 under the name of "pham Tajhiz" by gathering experienced and experienced people with the goals of import, export, production and distribution of medical tools and equipment in Tehran and initially as one of the companies First, it continued its activities in the field of laparoscopic equipment and the introduction of modern technologies, and then in 2013, by changing its name to "Pouya Pharmed Pham" company, it started a new period of its activities based on the experiences gained, especially in the field of orthopedics. Laparoscopy, plasma apheresis, blood supply equipment as well as .operating room tools and equipment were expanded

At present, Pouya Pharmed Pham Company, due to its history of cooperation with world-renowned companies, in addition to its activities in the field of transferring new medical technologies as well as equipment and consumables, has focused its activities in the main fields of orthopedics, general surgery, laparoscopy and Anesthesia consumables. In this regard, it has expanded its cooperation with factories producing medical tools and equipment and, by representing well-known companies, has been able to provide quality and new medical services to many hospitals.

It is hoped that by continuing to serve, we will be able to achieve one of our goals, which is to satisfy surgeons and patients.