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Orthopedic products

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With years of experience in the field of orthopedics and producing products in this field, Pouya Pharmed Pham has been able to communicate with many orthopedic surgeons.
During the years of service in this field, this company has been able to gain fame among orthopedic surgeons.
The experts of this company are trained by the best foreign companies and are always ready to provide services in various fields of orthopedic surgery such as screws and plates, joint replacement and sports injuries.
Focusing on expanding the production of specialized products in this field, as well as cooperating with leading companies in the world by providing quality products and extensive services, Poya Farmed Fam is always trying to achieve more success in this field.
Also, this company has been able to attract different opinions from surgeons by registering many patents in this field, and with the prospect of obtaining CE along with other approvals obtained, it is trying to increase the export of its products to other countries as well.

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